Great Falls Park

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The Billy Goat Trail is one way at this point, so there is no turning back until you get over this hill. The people on the trail varied in ability from experienced to casual walkers. One lady was a little daunted because she had the understanding that this was an easy trail. But everyone rallied and watched each other, giving hints, reaching out to the person behind them, helping the person in front position their footing, etc. Before you knew it, everyone was over and onto the next phase and the turning point to get off the trail if you wished. A lot of us continued, given the confidence received on our group effort over the hill.
Taking this challenge also brought together people of all different views and backgrounds. When you're being challenged, those views don't matter. For example, my political view is on opposite ends with the young man you see in the foreground. Yet, when we hike, we feel a closeness with one another that supercedes any differences. Here he is, waiting for me to cut in front of him in line so he can ensure I make it up safely.

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