Guadalupe National Park

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This is the joy one feels when it snows where you least expect it and you wind up with a national park all to yourself, Guadalupe Mountains NP! Guadalupe Mountains National Park stole our hearts before we arrived. With mountainous backdrops and incredible hiking, we had our hears set. The campground is small, so when we first arrived and realized it was full, we were a bit sad. Luckily the kind campground host pointed us in the right direction--a nearby BLM campground. Still, we wanted to stay in the park at some point. The next day, we were in luck, people started cleaning out.

We enjoyed ourselves for a couple of days, but when news of the Winter Storm Uri hit, we were faced with the decision to leave for New Mexico or stay put for at least a few days. We stayed and we were the ONLY PEOPLE that stayed. Even the campground hosts left for their cabin. We appreciated them checking on us, though:) Fifteen minutes at a time (because it was so cold), we enjoyed this winter wonderland.

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